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To Learn More About The Basic Eviction Process

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eviction attorney yona gregory

“I am a landlord attorney
because I am a landlord”

For years, we have been providing our clients with cost effective flat fee eviction services and recently we have broadened our coverage to all courts in Connecticut. Our flat fee service covers the attorney fee and the landlord pays the out of pocket costs including but not limited to, the court filing fee, Marshal service fees, the execution fee and the move out cost. Our attorney fee is a flat fee includes our drafting and filing all the pleadings and one housing hearing. If your case is continued to more than one hearing, we charge only $150 flat fee for each additional court appearances including trials. Generally, cases are resolved in one hearing.

It is our goal to assist landlords in reducing the amount of evictions they do; and advising clients on how to ensure non-compliant and non-paying tenants are out as soon as possible. Our office is always here to assist and answer your questions throughout the process, we know that evictions are stressful on a landlord; and we are committed to providing you with cost effective legal representation without compromising on quality customer service.